Parenting With A Smile

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Parenting With a Smile, changing you parenting mindset.

Going through life with a serious, worried face and attitude attracts unwanted  stress and exhaustion into our lives. When we are a parent it is even worse. We think we need to set the tone of “grow-up-be-serious-life-is-not-easy” to help the child learn and behave and be in compliance with people and society.

This way parents take on a double portion of stress and they put stress on their children as they fight the children’s mindset that life comes easy.

But it does not need to be this way! Three simple mind-set changes in attitude and action can turn the stress-button around! When more relaxed, the parent can feel competent generating joy for themselves as well as for their children!

I would like to invite you to a fun and eye-opening 4 hr PARENTING WITH A SMILE-basics course TBA