Dear Parent,

Are you desperately wanting to understand your child? Do you want to know what they want, what they are after, how you can help them to live in harmony with themselves, with their siblings, with you and your spouse? Are you determined to find a more peaceful way to communicate with your child?

If so, then I welcome to the Parent Whisperer!

Not only will you be on the journey of finding out what your child is telling you, and how you can get across what you want, you will be discovering how to listen to your inner voice, like hearing your own inner  parent-guidance, like a parent-whispering!

(Re-)Connecting with who you are in essence and who you have become as a parent are vital to understanding the child, vital for their development and vital to the relationship with your child. Responding from Love-with-Trust in who you are and who your child is in their essence, is very exciting! I have made it my life’s work to assist you in this.

You will find live and online events, show-cases,courses, specialties on this site that are beyond the ordinary. Yes, because you are already on a quest, and you may already be applying what you learn in the Parent Whisperer trainings, you will no longer be the regular mom or dad. You will be out of the ordinary, looking for other parents and children who are seeking a change in living together. It may be totally different than how parenting is practiced the last 200 years in our Western World.Have an open mind and you may be surprised!

With Loving Excitement,                                                                                                                                         Cielja,                                                                                                                                                                                   aka the Parent Whisperer